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The latest 3D technology to model a ship and generate all required CNC production simultaneously, fully based on the AutoCAD platform. 

Experience a 100% efficiency increase by adding the MasterShip functionalities.

Latest News

From feature request to update in a matter of weeks

Agile and scrum. What self-respecting software company do you know that has not been using these buzzwords lately to show everyone how innovative they are? Well? Come on, try a little harder! Of course: MasterShip! The funny thing is that we have been applying these methods right from our inception. Over thirty years later, we are still adding useful features to the once basic functionality and with very short lead times. The splitting of large stiffeners is just one recent but fine example.



The “MS Amadeus Star” is brought to you by MasterShip Services

After several months of naval engineering and production design by MasterShip, the latest member of the “Amadeus river cruise family”, owned by Austrian cruise operator Lüftner Cruises, is about to be launched in Amsterdam. “The assignment is unique in several respects”, says Project Manager Production Design Hendrik-jan Loonen.


Jo?n our web?nar ?n hi?h-q?ality co?str?ction e?gineer?ng of ?hips

Those of you who love TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune probably filled in the missing letters in the header above almost automatically. There is a good chance you even enjoyed doing it. Others on the other hand may have a hard time guessing what this blog is about. Unfortunately, ship design too can be about filling in missing elements that actually should have been included in the software. There has to be another way…