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The latest 3D technology to model a ship and generate all required CNC production simultaneously, fully based on the AutoCAD platform. 

Experience a 100% efficiency increase by adding the MasterShip functionalities.

Latest News

Mission Impossible: ‘Design Protocol’

While preparing for our current blog, we couldn’t help thinking of the blockbuster Mission Impossible ‘Ghost Protocol’ starring Tom _Cruise_ (what’s in a name?). After all, finishing the entire engineering for a 17 meter yacht for Van den Hoven Jachtbouw, all the way from concept and basic design up to production design, in just over three months was very challenging. 



The ‘gift’ of naval design

A few days ago, we caught Jacques Hoffmans sitting behind his desk totally immersed in building blocks as part of an almost ancient children’s game. Boys and their toys! He did have a perfectly plausible explanation for this though. It turned out Jacques received the wooden ship-building blocks as a birthday gift some 17 years ago. At that time, Jacques was immediately struck by the simplicity of it. So much in fact, that it even served as a model for the current MasterShip logo.



Once, twice, three times a ‘baby’

Remember one of our latest blogs about the striking presence of the word ‘ship’ in positive words such as partnership, friendship and relationship? However, there are similar words with a significantly more negative ring to them that, unfortunately, apply to part of our business as well. Hardship is one of them. Quite a few fellow-engineers and designers may know what we are getting at.