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MasterShip Software BV
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The Netherlands
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MasterShip Software & MasterShip Services

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The latest 3D technology to model a ship and generate all required CNC production simultaneously, fully based on the AutoCAD platform. 

Experience a 100% efficiency increase by adding the MasterShip functionalities.

Latest News

Delivery build kit 55m Diving support vessel “Solution” for DUC Diving

In August MasterShip delivered the last section of the build kit for a 55m supplier and diving support vessel for DUC Diving.

Shipbuilding or sculpturing?
For many years now MasterShip built an excellent name in naval architecture and work preparation for ships.

Delivery built kit 51m Schooner Yacht for Scheepswerf Made

MasterShip was again successful in the delivery of the detailed and production design of a 51m schooner.