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The latest 3D technology to model a ship and generate all required CNC production simultaneously, fully based on the AutoCAD platform. 

Experience a 100% efficiency increase by adding the MasterShip functionalities.

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Join our webinar on high-quality construction engineering of ships

Those of you who love TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune probably filled in the missing letters in the header above almost automatically. There is a good chance you even enjoyed doing it. Others on the other hand may have a hard time guessing what this blog is about. Unfortunately, ship design too can be about filling in missing elements that actually should have been included in the software. There has to be another way…

Bringing engineers ‘back on course’ in Taiwan

Recently, our Project Manager Hendrik-Jan Loonen visited Taiwan to provide training on MasterShip software. Instead of the initial three participants, Hendrik-Jan unexpectedly found himself giving a presentation to an audience of some 30 engineers of Lung Teh Shipyard. The company, that is located in the northeast of Taiwan, not far from Taipei, is now dedicated to ‘fully exploit all features of MasterShip software in order to further professionalize and align their designing processes’.

MasterShip tutorial: curve and line conversions

To catch the reader’s attention, many blogs tend to be interspersed with witty one-liners. To be really honest, we are no exception to the rule. In this particular blog, however, we have every reason to avoid one-liners. Literally that is. After all, in ship design there is a multitude of geometric lines and curves to choose from. In some cases, switching back and forth between them can be quite convenient.