MasterShip Projects: For engineering on time and within budget


5 Reasons to choose MasterShip Projects

  • Wide range of design and work preparation services

  • Open to accept technical information from any ship design software in any format for any type of ship

  • Delivery of (NC) production information for any type of cutting machine or shaping technology

  • Instantly and worldwide available engineering capacity through MasterShip Centers on hourly basis or fixed price per job

  • Turnkey shipbuilding kit deliveries with fitting guarantee

We deliver

  • General arrangement plans
  • Faired 3D lines plans
  • Construction drawings
  • Workshop drawings
  • Hull expansions
  • Plate shaping moulds
  • Stiffener moulds
  • NC-codes

MasterShip Projects provides a wide range of engineering services, work preparation and logistic services based on more than 20-year shipbuilding experience and know-how.

Working with MasterShip software, AutoCAD and Inventor, MasterShip services are worldwide available in a network of MasterShip Centers and are coordinated from its HQ in the Netherlands.

All parties in the maritime world such as shipyards, designers, ship- and yacht owners and shipbrokers can call on MasterShip Projects.

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