MasterShip Software support helps you to maximize the benefits of your MasterShip software.

Our support people are experienced shipbuilding and IT engineers. With local helpdesks, a global support website, new software updates & upgrades and customizing services, we guarantee your MasterShip software product today and in the future.


Support Site

The Support Site provides a 24 hour 7 day per week access to an extensive knowledge base and the latest software updates. The support site is also our preferred way to communicate with MasterShip software users who can submit a documented description of their problem and attach any relevant drawings or files.

All questions will receive a reply within 24 hours.

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Help Desk

Our helpdesk offers telephone support during local office hours. Our helpdesks are situated in the MasterShip Headquarters and Centers. We have the possibility to take over your system through internet and solve the problem.

User news

Four to six times a year the Support team creates a digital User News in which the new features are highlighted and Tips and Tricks are presented. The User News is for MasterShip software Clients only.


Programming Services

Every shipbuilder has his own specific work methods which can be automated in order to improve speed and efficiency.

MasterShip offers customized solutions using MasterShip software, AutoCAD or Inventor. For MasterShip Parametrics (Part Generator) we develop company- or project-specific templates for simple construction parts or complete cross-sections including all details. For more information mail us

New Releases

MasterShip software is continuously improved and always compatible with the latest AutoCAD release. Every year a new version and several updates are released, containing major and minor improvements and also entirely new modules.

Client Days

Feedback of our clients is highly appreciated. Some of the improvements are based on their suggestions. Some clients actively participate in our development process by testing new software.